For many years now, private users have been using a variety of web services to exchange data. Cloud Drive now offers companies a comparable service for corporate data: easy, secure and highlyavailable. Data stored in the Cloud Drive may be accessed at any time from all common terminal equipment, such as notebooks, smartphones or tablets. This makes collaboration within and across companies easy and does not block up e-mail boxes with outsized attachments.

Secure file-sharing with third parties

While private users have access to a variety of web services that exchange data between different computers and users,there are no comparable services for businesses. hostclick closes this gap with Cloudbox. The new service is designed to be a personal storage location for companies, ensuring that files can be shared securely both within and outside a company.

Because safety is a matter of trust.

Your data contains a wealth of specialist knowledge and expertise built up over the years. Given the mission-critical production value of this data, its security and availability must be guaranteed at all times. In the encrypted hostclick Cloud Drive on our Swiss server, your data are in safe hands. In our Cloud Drive your encrypted data are stored as securely as in a Swiss safe deposit locker. Already the data transfer between your PC and the Cloud Drive goes ahead encrypted. Different to many other free providers, hostclick has no possibilities to access on your encoded data in the Cloud Drive.

What's more, your data is stored here in Switzerland

Are you hesitant about investing in cloud computing and concerned about the security of your sensitive data? At Ultrawide your data is stored in a private cloud in our own state-of-the-art data centres here in Switzerland. We guarantee data protection and legal security in compliance with Swiss law. Access to personal and business-critical data is protected at all times, even from abroad.

Fr. 19.90

Price per month

Fr. 44.90

Price per month

Fr. 79.90

Price per month

Storage capacity in GB10yes50
Hosted in Switzerlandyesyesyes
Unlimited Usersyesyesyes
Unlimited Useryesyesyes
File Syncingyesyesyes
File Versioningyesyesyes
Document Vieweryesyesyes
Simple expandyesyesyes
And much more...yesyesyes